Live Trail Statistics

By comparing trail counter data with Strava segment results we can accurately calculate the percentage of the Majura mountain bikers that use Strava. Accurate trail counts for any Majura trail can then ben extrapolated. The Strava API allows these statistics to be updated constantly.

Photo courtesy of FLOW Mountain Bike.

TrailTodayThis MonthThis YearAll Time
Innabaanya North to South0260660319
Innabaanya South to North0029460006
Pinot Grinio0282760540
Planet Claire00100260715
Rock Lobster0017959892
Last updated: 20:33 17-03-2018

Alternatively you can get recent trail usage statistics for any of the Majura Pines Trails. Select the trail/s you are interested in and then "Get Results". Selecting lots of trails will slow down the search.

AJs Leap (Up) Auto Alley (North-South)
Auto Alley (South-North) Barry (Down)
Batcave (Up) Bogs and Logs (North-South)
Bombora (Down) Boy Wonder (Up)
Boy Wonder (Down) Fire road climb to Hackett gate (Up)
Innabaanya (South-North) Innabaanya (North-South)
Johnson (Up) Johnson (Down)
Larry (Up) Lincoln (South-North)
Love Shack (North-South) Magic Roundabout (Up)
Mata Hari and Mudhoney (South-North) Monterey Rd (South to North)
Monterey Rd (North to South) Mr Squiggle (Up)
Pinot Grinio (Down) Pitt Street (South-North)
Planet Claire (Down) Radicle (North-South)
Rock Block (Down) Rock Lobster (Down)
Sleepy Hollow (North-South) Smitten Kitten (Up)
Smitten Kitten (Down) Telemark (South-North)
The Flash (Clockwise) Touching Cloth (Down)
Wonder Woman (Up - includes Boy Wonder)

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