Auto Alley Trails

The Auto Alley trails, made up of Auto Alley, Blown Gasket, Black Betty, Car Body, Bucket Run and New Years Resolution, are a set of challenging steep XC trails that run through the narrow compartments that lie on the steeper slopes of Mount Majura to the west of the main cross country trails.

The entrance from the north is near to the Mudhoney - Mr Squiggle junction. At the southern end the trail starts/ends at the fire road junction just above Lincoln. There are a number of exits on to Monterey Road and links to the XC circuit including the Onion Cut trail which links to Mata Hari.

The Auto Alley trails themselves are steep, tight and challenging. Unless you are a riding god you probably won't clean them first time. In fact it might become your New Years Resolution to clean the lot in one go.

See the Maps page to download a printable PDF map of all of the Majura Pines trails.