The Majura Pines Trail Alliance are the volunteer group who build and maintain of the mountain bike trails in the Majura Pines, Canberra.

The Majura Pines are some the oldest and most famous mountain bike trails in Canberra. However these trails were closed for 2 years between 2012 and 2014 whilst the Majura Parkway was constructed and extensive thinning of the pines was undertaken. Due to these works many of the old trails were destroyed or very well hidden.

The Majura Pines Trail Alliance have contributed over 1000 hours of volunteer work to build new and recover old trails as well as adding a high quality dirt jump park. There are now over 20km of mapped and sign posted trails for all abilities at Majura Pines.

The Majura Pines Trail Alliance continue to construct more new trails, in addition to maintaining those in exitence. Help is always welcomed at build days. To sign up please send an email to

Latest News

05th December 2016

Trail Clean up With the Berm

It's the news that we have been waiting for! ACT Parks and Conservation Services have nearly finished cutting all the fallen trees and making the forest safe. This Wednesday (7th) Majura Pines Trail Alliance are combining with local riding group The Berm to have a clean up evening. Either meet at Hackett shops at 6.30pm to ride in to the forest, or come straight to the MPTA container for about 6.40pm. We will spend an hour or so clearing the trails and filling holes in before retiring to Wilburs at Hackett shops for a beer and bite to eat. If you are intending on coming for dinner please sign up to the Berm event below so that they can book a table. With enough numbers, the hope is to get Majura Pines open again at the weekend.

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28th October 2016

Majura Pines CLOSED

There is storm damage throughout the forest with most trails blocked and many hanging, dangerous trees. Majura Pines Trail Alliance are working with ACT Parks to clear the trees. Unfortunately some areas will have to be felled completely as they have become unsafe.

When the damage has been assessed, any hanging trees made safe and the ground started to dry out we will plan some volunteer days to start the clean up.

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21st September 2016

Majura Pines CLOSED

The Majura Pines trails are CLOSED following the recent bad weather. More trees have fallen and some are hanging dangerously. In addition the ground is saturated. Riding now will permanently damage the trails.

PCS Rangers will work to clear the trees and Majura Pines Trail Alliance volunteers will co-ordinate any required maintenance.

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06th September 2016

Majura Pines Trail Statistics

Majura Pines Trail Alliance have been collecting trail statistics for just over a year now. In that time there were over 26,000 rides on the main trails to the west of the Majura Parkway. (We have not included usage of the beginner trails, pump track and dirt jumps here as they are a little harder to measure).

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19th August 2016


We have had a report of a tree falling near the bottom of Planet Claire - whilst two riders were there.

WE STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT RIDE AT MAJURA TODAY (Friday 19th). It is highly likely that more trees will fall.

If you are riding at the weekend look out for newly fallen trees and please let us know their location so we can arrange for them to be cleared.

08th August 2016

Majura Pines OPEN

Majura Pines are OPEN to ride again. Thanks to ACT Parks and Conservation Services and the Majura Pines Trail Alliance volunteers whose combined efforts to clear the dozens and dozens of fallen trees has been nothing short of heroic. A couple of trails remain closed where they are very waterlogged. Please obey the trail closures to allow them to recover. For the latest trail conditions and status page on this site.

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Donate to MPTA

Not everyone is able to attend our trail building sessions. You can now contribute by donating funds that will be used to buy tools, material (timber for bridges etc) and refreshments for volunteers. Thank you.

Events & Build Days at Majura

    Details of future build days and events will appear here.


MPTA would like to thank the following organisations that support us:

ACT Parks & Conservation Services

Canberra Off Road Cyclists

Canberra One Gear Society

IGA Hackett Plus Liquor

Monkey Wrench Cycles

Kowalski Brothers Trailworks